It’s Time to Sell the (Virtual) Farm

The first part of dealing with an addiction is recognizing you have a problem, right?

The only farm where your hands never get dirty.

Well, my name is Janet and I am a former Farm Town addict.

Farm Town is great. The animals never get sick; the crops always grow (and you don’t lose them unless you forget to harvest); the weather is always warm and sunny. On the virtual farm, you always make money.

Or as Farmer D says, Farm Town is nothing like real farming.

Hence, my fascination.

On the FT farm I didn’t worry about what was right to grow for the area. I could plant whatever I wanted and didn’t have to worry about any of the things that affect real crops.

In Farm Town, instead of trying to find a market for my products, I could buy the facilities and crops I needed to control the whole process.

Plus, if I needed some help on the virtual farm, FT made it easy (just try to find willing garden help in a real house full of teenagers!).

It’s not as if I used real money to invest in my virtual farm, but as my farm got more complex, so did the amount of time I spent on it each day. There were many evenings when I said, “let me just check my farm”…and the next thing I knew, it was bedtime.

And this was with only three farms—not nearly as many as some of my friends were managing.

I wasn’t losing sleep or neglecting my responsibilities, but I did postpone things to put in time working my FT spread.

I also found myself making a spreadsheet a couple of weeks ago to track my crop storage and planting.

What a geek.

So this morning, as I looked out over my pretend farm to see an entire field of basil gone to waste, and the realization that I was sad about it almost as if it were a real crop, I knew it was time to get out. And before I could change my mind, I went into my Facebook apps menu and hit “delete.”

I feel like I’ve lost a friend, but on the other hand, I can’t wait to see what I can get into with my newfound free time.

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One Comment on “It’s Time to Sell the (Virtual) Farm”

  1. I totally understand. I came to a similar decision with SuperPets and my Fairy Garden. I didn’t realize it was such a time-suck until I left.

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