Why Have Fun When You Can Chop Wood Instead?

Though we’re nowhere near Farmer D’s dream of living off the grid, we’re more self-sufficient than a lot of people.

That keeps us very busy.

And occasionally, it sucks.

The kids are back in school. The temperature has started to cool. Gardening (and canning) season is starting to wind down. I thought I’d have a few days to catch up on my junk mail and the basket of stuff on the dresser I swear I will put away, when my darling husband pulls in the driveway with this:

Time to get out the chainsaw

Thanks to a felled tree in the soybean field down the road, this is the first load of many more. (Note the pimped out dump trailer with Autocrane…Farmer D is serious about his wood.)

Free firewood is a good thing, because our outside wood stove heats both the house and our hot water (and with a gaggle of girls, we go through a lot of hot water!). The bad part is that there is no firewood fairy and we have to chop and stack  the wood our (middle-aged) selves.

So rather than waste our time or plan a quick getaway for the two of us before harvest, Farmer D and I will be spending quality time together out in the driveway with our steel-toed boots and his and hers chainsaws to make sure we have enough wood for another bad winter (or zombie apocalypse).

Mine is electric.

And I like to pretend I’m a chainsaw murderer.

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One Comment on “Why Have Fun When You Can Chop Wood Instead?”

  1. [...] I guess this is his way of saying it’s chainsaw time again. [...]

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