Ready for Canning Season (in the Middle of Winter)

Life is pretty quiet right now, which is a good thing, but it makes it a bit hard to find something worthwhile to write about.

So today, this is as good as it gets.


When I stopped to visit my folks on Sunday, Mom had a small bag on the table for me. Her cousin found some canning lids while cleaning and determined I was the most likely person to actually get some use out of them.

Mary certainly didn’t do much canning…when I opened the bag I saw these lovely boxes:

Where can I find this stuff for $.79?

Though I only learned to can seven or eight years ago (shortly after Farmer D and I began dating and he started bringing me laundry baskets full of hot peppers and tomatoes), I had never seen any of these boxes…and I have to admit, the Anchor Hocking Mason jar caps box fascinated me.

So, being a bona fide geek (and research junkie), I decided to see what I could find out about the lids in the lovely brown box.

(Hooray for the Internet!)

It turns out that these old-fashioned one-piece Anchor Hocking canning lids were new fashion in 1976.

Did you know there was a canning lid shortage in the late 70s? (Not me. I was more concerned with playing softball and going roller skating with my friends.)

I found an article in the July 28, 1976 edition of The Milwaukee Journal about Anchor Hocking’s new one-piece canning lids, created to meet consumer demand. Of course, the funny part is that the article goes on to talk about the so-so results of testing.

“In a Pennsylvania State University study of nine types of canning lids, Anchor Hocking one piece cap-lids did well. ‘Three lids buckled during heat processing, but formed seals during cooling; four lids were extremely difficult to remove.'”

Just what you want after all that hard work in the garden.

(That must be why there aren’t more one-piece canning lids around.)

However, if  you’re into vintage kitchenware and canning supplies, there are 2 boxes of these  Anchor Hocking one-piece lids listed on Etsy for $12.50. That’s a far cry from their original price of $.59, but they are kind of cool (and would be fine for canned foods that are refrigerated).


Do you can, freeze, or preserve?

Would you like to learn?

The OSU Extension has all sorts of helpful info.


02/09/12 ADDITIONAL NOTE:  Since I wrote this, I’ve contacted Canning Across America and questioned the safety of one-piece canning lids. Read what they have to say.

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