Real Life Farm Wife:

Sharing this with you all because these biscuits sound better than anything I’ve made all week.

(I’m suffering from a serious lack of motivation.)

Originally posted on Sugar Dish Me:

Biscuits are complicated.

There are entire restaurant chains devoted to fried chicken and making biscuits- Bojangles, Popeye’s, and Church’s Chicken, to name a few. I’m not usually a fried chicken and biscuits girl. I’d rather save my junky food calories for ice creamy milkshakes and cookies bursting at the seams with chocolate chips.

But there are some days that a fried slice of spicy chicken breast on a warm buttery biscuit screams at me from the Bojangles drive thru window- “Heather! You NEED a Cajun Filet Biscuit!!!” Saturday on the way to soccer was just such an occassion.

We thought we were ahead of schedule. Our game wasn’t until 12, and at 9 am I was still stumbling around here in a pair of shorts clutching my coffee cup like life support. The plan was to straight up mosey until about 10:45, and then kick it into gear and head towards the field thirty or forty…

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