Real Life Farm Wife:

We don’t have babies here, but you know I LOVE cows, so I had to read this excellent post from Dairy Carrie.

(Plus the baby pictures are TOO CUTE!)

Originally posted on The Adventures of Dairy Carrie... I think I Need a Drink!:

I, like just about everyone on facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest and every other form of social media, tend to post a lot of pictures.  No real surprise that instead of kids, cats, dogs or shoes my pictures are mostly photos of cows, calves and farm life. Cats, dogs, shoes and other random photos do make the cut but it’s mostly all about the cows. If you follow me on twitter and were to look back on my tweets you would see lots of bad, blurry snapshots of wet calves late at night, usually with their mother’s muzzle in the frame licking the new calf off. The next morning you would see photos of a cute, dry, fluffy calf cuddled up in it’s calf hutch. But i’ve never really posted much about what happens between the photos. So I decided to take some photos from start to finish (mostly, I thought…

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