I Love You, Liquid Stitch

I’m a good wife.

I enjoying cooking. I don’t mind cleaning. I love working outside in the yard and garden. I spend plenty of time in the barn with the steers and plenty of time in the yard playing with the dogs…

But I do not like to sew.

Not this girl's idea of a good time.

Hence, you can imagine my dismay that my darling husband didn’t tell me about his little problem with his pants before we got married.

Farmer D is a walking, talking, working denim destroyer.

Obviously NOT my husband, but I swear some of his jeans look almost this bad. (Picture courtesy of Second Life)

Not only does Farmer D come home a few times a week with god-knows-what on his jeans – and I’ve learned not to be surprised when I hear about the nature of the stains – he rips, tears and shreds them like you would not believe.

And then he brings them to me to repair.

Though the bigger holes require  the use of a sewing machine (which contrary to the fact that I do not like to sew, I do know how to use), I’ve found the best thing in the world to fix the smaller problems: Liquid Stitch.

I picked up this tube today because I ran out when Farmer D's jeans accidentally met Mr. Chainsaw.

Liquid Stitch is a permanent, clear-dry fabric adhesive that will hold patches and hems WITHOUT SEWING! All you need to do is spread a bit of Liquid Stitch around the hole in the fabric (I patch on the inside of the jeans), apply the patch, and let the fabric dry. (Note: Though Farmer D’s jeans are dry enough to wear after sitting overnight, I don’t wash them for 24 hours after applying Liquid Stitch.)

And since I don’t have to sew all those patches, I have time for the truly important things in life like cooking, cleaning, and shoveling cow poop.

Today's patch job. Now I have to figure out what to do about the stains.

FOR THE RECORD: I wrote this post of without the knowledge of, or any compensation from Prym Consumer USA Inc., the manufacturers of Liquid Stitch. However, if the company would like to send me Liquid Stitch as a thank you for recommending their product, I might make it to the end of the year be able to share some with my friends. :-)

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3 Comments on “I Love You, Liquid Stitch”

  1. free penny press says:

    Oh boy where was this when my teenage son was destroying his jeans on a monthly basis.. Cool.. Will definitely pick some up. Thx!!

  2. I MUST GET SOME OF THIS!!!!! Thanks for the tip chicky!

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