It’s Planting Time

The 2012 planting season (or #plant12, if you’re on Twitter) has officially started at our family farm…and the minor catastrophes that seem to go with it.

Here the guys are discussing what’s not working right on the field finisher:

Here is the tractor sitting idle while Farmer D tried to find replacements for some broken bolts:

And here’s dirty Farmer D after dealing with whatever today’s breakdown was:

Thank goodness the corn in the garden is looking good:

(And Farmer D’sĀ amazingĀ humble wife planted the garden all by herself.)

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7 Comments on “It’s Planting Time”

  1. That first picture cracks me up. I think any time a machine breaks, no matter where in the world or what color the paint, any guys within 100 yards immediately fall into that exact pose as they discuss what to do next.

  2. free penny press says:

    People don’t realize all the hard work that goes into farming..beautiful area though..where is this?

  3. lol that was cool of him1!!!!!

  4. At least they got it running again!!!!

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