Biker Church

Though Farmer D is quite devout, I’m not much of a churchgoer. But today he literally took me along for the ride…we got to go to biker church at a church in Ashtabula County that was built in 1875.

Though simple, the church is lovely. This is the front door:

and this is the inside:

but today’s service was held around the back.

Everyone pulled up a chair (most of us in the shade of the trees at the back of the lawn), and enjoyed music, worship, fellowship, and a sermon (if you could call it that…it was more like an inspirational speech with bible references as supportive material) by a pastor who goes by the name of “Gator.”

Does the guy on the right look like YOUR minister?

Since I was raised Byzantine Catholic (and as a kid, had to sit through structured masses that were in Slovak), the whole concept of church under the trees was quite surreal.

But I really enjoyed it.

I love that this little church had a lot full of motorcycles.

And Farmer D finally got to wear his favorite t-shirt to church.

*Just in case you wanted to know, Pastor Keith (Gator) Hullinger is from the Canton Chapter of Bikers for Christ, and was invited as a guest minister to the First Congregational Church of Wayne.

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2 Comments on “Biker Church”

  1. free penny press says:

    Wonderful .. I have always said Church & God and the celebration (sermons) of his teachings can be held anywhere.. Looks like a great day!!!
    Love the church doors!!

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