Every Inch Helps, But We Need a Lot More (Rain)

Our part of Ohio has been so dry this year that we are now classified as in “extreme drought,” an event that hasn’t happened here since 1963.

(And before you ask, that’s before I was born.)

With things this dry, you can imagine how excited Farmer D and I were when the dark clouds rolled in this afternoon…and we got rain!

A beautiful sight!

Though today’s been a good (wet) day, we need a lot more rain before conditions are normal–something like 8 to 12 inches in the next couple of weeks….because this is what our corn looks like:

I’m not expecting a whole lot of corn from these poor babies.

And these are the soybeans:

Though the soybean plants don’t look bad, it’s too early to tell if they’ll produce or not.

And the weeds are the only things that seem to be growing good around here.

You’ll be my hero if you can tell me what this weed is and how to kill it.

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