Cleaning Farmer D…or Make Your Own Hand Cleaner

When you’re married to a farmer, one thing you get really good at (besides whipping up creative meals at a moment’s notice) is cleaning. Not only does Farmer D and son come home wearing the nastiest grease-stained clothing and  tramping god-only-knows-what across the freshly mopped floors (okay, they would be freshly-mopped if I didn’t hate to mop so much), the guys often come in so dirty I don’t want them even standing near  the bathroom sink.

On those days, I march them both downstairs to the utility sink in the basement and do a pre-clean before they come back up for a shower.

Normally I keep a nylon stocking filled with soap scraps tied to the utility sink faucet as a kind of do-it-yourself soap-on-a-rope, but I recently added this incredibly simple (yet extremely effective)  make-your-own heavy-duty hand cleaner.

Workingman’s Hand Cleaner

1 ¼ c.   Cornmeal

¾ c.      Dry Laundry Detergent

Mix and store in plastic container.

To use: wet hands with warm water. Scrub hands with small amount of hand cleaner to remove grease and oil.

Not only is this hand cleaner simple to make (and cheap!), I also made a dispenser from a pint canning jar and the lid from a container of grated Parmesan cheese!

For that idea, you can thank Pinterest.

If you have any other good uses for some of my gazillion canning jars (that don’t involve me standing over a boiling cauldron of water), let me know.

Just a glimpse of some of the occupied jars

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