The Best Dry Skin Remedy Ever: Bag Balm

In case you haven’t heard it a zillion times already, I am totally addicted to Pinterest. Mostly because the tips, tricks, and make-you-own recipes really appeal to my cheap practical side.

Just last week I made my own non-petroleum petroleum jelly, then started looking for remedies for my biggest summer problem…feet that spend too much time outdoors and barefoot, and not enough time resting and replenishing.

Not my foot, but you get the picture.

Though I’ve tried many a product both store-bought and homemade, nothing works as well as the salve originally concocted to soften cow udders–Bag Balm.

And funny how the same day I realized I should take some time to praise this marvelous mixture, American Dairymen magazine showed up and I saw their marvelous article, ” Bag Balm. It’s over 100, and still working.”

If you’re on the farm, you probably know this already. If you’re not, you should seriously check Bag Balm out.  According to the website:

Bag Balm products are available at drug stores, farm stores, pet stores, hardware stores, feed stores, and tack shops. Bag Balm continues to be made daily and is not sold at Walmart.

(No Walmart? There’s one more reason to love this stuff.)

Oh, and Bag Balm is also on Pinterest.

*NOTE: I wrote this post because I love this product. I was not compensated in any way, shape, or form…nor is the company  aware that I was writing about Bag Balm. However, in this case, I probably could be bought.

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7 Comments on “The Best Dry Skin Remedy Ever: Bag Balm”

  1. free penny press says:

    I’ve been using this for years and thank God my hoofs don’t look like that.. yuck!!
    great stuff indeed!

  2. Bag Balm is awesome. I am also barefoot alllllll the time. Epsom salt helps have pretty soft feet, too :)

  3. btw LOVE pinterest toooo!

  4. Love the final paragraph!! lol I totally have this problem w/ my feet..I’m a barefoot and flip flop girl in the summer. I’m going to get some and give it a try!!!!

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