A Walk Around the Farm

After supper this evening, Annie and I went for a walk around the family farm to take some pictures to share with you.

We ventured across the street and down the drive and first checked on the neighbor’s cows.

Nice how the cattle camouflage themselves by standing in front of the hay.

We then moved on to see how the soybeans were doing,

Considering we’re in the midst of a drought, the soybeans don’t look too bad.

and checked out the new doors on the fertilizer storage building.

The new doors sure beat having to cover the fertilizer piles with tarps.

Then Annie dog and I took a stroll down the lane between two of the fields.

It’s so sweet that the guys mow the lane so we have a nice place to walk.

I got a picture of the farm from the back…

I love the view from back here.

while Miss Annie plopped her butt down and took a break.

Silly girl.

Though some days I rant and rave and complain about having twice as much work as I have time,

today was good.

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2 Comments on “A Walk Around the Farm”

  1. I think it might be time to get some Black Angus. ;) I love the photos… especially the one from the back of the property. And, of course, Annie dog. =)

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