Better Shoot Those Soybeans Before They Pick Them

The temps are dropping and fall is here…and it’s time to harvest the soybeans.

Except that–as is usually the case with the equipment on our farm–the combine needs some repairs before they can start in the fields.

And it’s been cool and wet, which is not good weather if you want low-moisture beans.

And–as is usually the case–Farmer D is somewhat frustrated by both of these things.

So since the combine isn’t running yet and the weather is not cooperating, I’ve been walking around with the camera and taking pictures for my album on the 365 Project.

(My dear friend Laurie at PoeticLotion¬†shared the site with me almost a year ago. I’ve been hooked from day one!)

Ag Art on 365 Project

So if you drive by our farm, you might not see Farmer D and family out in the fields…

but there’s a good chance you’ll see some chick out there with gumboots, muddy jeans, and a camera.

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4 Comments on “Better Shoot Those Soybeans Before They Pick Them”

  1. Hey!!! Still loving your photos lately. Project 365 IS super cool. Some other blogs I read participate.
    Wanted to let you know that I moved my hosting for Sugar Dish Me, but the address is still the same . If you re-subscribed via email or rss feed it would mean a lot to me!!

  2. How awesome of you to mention me even though i shared the 365 Project with you and then totally bailed. =) Ya know, the farm at the end of the road has soybeans, but the plants now are extremely dry and… well, dead. Is that normal? We thought the farmer abandoned the field. Is it possible that he has a broken combine and too much rain?

    • It’s normal. The soybean plants go from that lush, gorgeous green to dry, nasty brown.

      The guys here started harvesting yesterday.

      • I’ll have to keep an eye on the field when we drive by on Sunday. Frost warning tonight. It’s only 30* out there now. Our landlord still hasn’t harvested the feed corn in our backyard. I can’t wait to see how it looks when he fills the corn crib.

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