A Farmer’s Priorities

It was a good sign this past Friday when I turned the corner and saw this on my way home from work. This meant the weather was finally cooperating and the guys were out harvesting the soybeans.

On Saturday, they were working further down the road and were on a roll…except they weren’t supposed to be farming. One of Farmer D’s cousins was getting married and I was supposed to meet D at the church.

Luckily he called me before I got there to let me know what was going on and that they weren’t going to stop. As for the cousin about to say, “I do,” Farmer D said he “would have to understand.”

Whether right or wrong, and whether you farm plants or animals, with farming, that’s the way it is.  When the crops (or animals) need tending, you go out and do it…even if it means missing a school play, a planned dinner, or a relative’s wedding.

That’s why Farmer D and I got married in January.

That’s the only month I knew he’d be free.

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6 Comments on “A Farmer’s Priorities”

  1. It’s the truth. On a farm/ranch January is a good month. The only big thing we do is pitch hay! Of course, cowboy sometimes uses this time to get barn in shape or do little projects for me like fix the spring birdhouses, etc…

  2. strivingforsimple says:

    So funny – my husband and I were married in January too! He wouldnt have had time to get married in the summer :)

  3. free penny press says:

    Farmers are under appreciated at times and yes, the work days are long.. I for one say Thank you!!
    Love the wedding picture, you both look marvelous :-)

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