16 things to do with lavender essential oil

Real Life Farm Wife:

Why am I sharing this? Because I’m busy gardening…and I’m getting tired of the horseflies feasting on my flesh!

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Here is a list of 16 things to do with lavender essential oil.

Each “thing” has been tried and tested and all have work wonderfully for me, especially No. 14 the one for bug bites as even though I have an excellent product for preventing bug bites one must remember to spray it on otherwise it won’t work!
I put one drop of lavender oil on each bite and it temporarily reduced any inflammation and helped stop the “driving me crazy” itching which in turn allowed the bite (or scrape or sunburn, I’ve tried it on them all) to heal that little bit quicker and with much less aggravation.

(as an aside, I think the one disadvantage to my “all natural bug spray” is that it works so well for me that I forget about the bugs and hence forget to spray next time I go out, but I’m…

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Easy DIY Maxi Dress in Fifteen Minutes or Less

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Ah, the maxi dress.

So comfy!

So cute!

Here’s a maxi dress you can make in less than fifteen minutes.

I had previously used the bottom of this thrift store shirt for some ruffles.

Now I can use the top.

The fabric was a lightweight knit from Joann Fabrics.

After refitting the bodice and the sleeves, sew sleeves back in sleeve casing, being sure to sew right sides together.

I measured from under my bust to the floor and added an inch to get the length I wanted for the skirt.

I’m 5’4″ and I measured 44 inches. This is a perfect length if I’m wearing flats.

My fabric was a lightweight knit and 60 inches wide so I just used it all and sewed the seam down the selvage edge.

Since this fabric had a pattern, I was also careful to match the pattern.

I put the seam down the…

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Should You Let the Cats Out of the Bag? Blogging About Family and Friends

Real Life Farm Wife:

Where does one draw the line when blogging? Should we censor ourselves or not?

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Once upon a time, I featured a post on Freshly Pressed  in which the author spoke very frankly about her family and their differences. I assumed that since it had been published it was fair game, and she was thrilled to be chosen…

…until her blog attracted more traffic, including family members who didn’t appreciate the notoriety (or who hadn’t realized she was writing about them at all). She asked to have the post removed, deleted much of her blog’s content, and had to patch up the remnants of some severely strained relationships.

It’s a gnarled question: where do you draw the line on what you share about family and friends in a medium that’s fundamentally about letting readers into your life?

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You Might Be Married to a Farmer…

If hubby says he’s stopping home to put air in the tire and you soon see this in the driveway…



you might be married to a farmer!

When Life Gets in the Way: Finding Time to Blog

Real Life Farm Wife:

I know we’ve all been there…right now it seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day.

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When you begin blogging, losing an hour of sleep to perfect a post or skipping lunch to spend time commenting is a pleasure. Post ideas come thick and fast. And more published posts mean pageviews and readers, so publishing more is better, right?

Sure… until it’s not. Until work starts piling up. Or you get sick. Or a friend is in from out of town. Or you have to bake three dozen cupcakes for Sally’s class — by tomorrow. Sometimes, we all get trapped under a beam in the burning barn (metaphorically) and can’t get to the computer. When that happens, how do you find time to blog without turning your creative outlet into just another obligation?

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite

Dual Tracks

10 Ways Marrying a Farmer Will Change Your Life…

Real Life Farm Wife:

I’ve barely seen Farmer D today and was on the verge of turning into a big, pouty baby….until I read this.

Thank you, Jenny, for reminding me that I’m not alone. (And reminding me it’s time for that “soybeans in the dryer” thing.)

Originally posted on [ j. l. d. ] Photograph Blog:

When I fell in love with my (NOW) husband, I never imagined what our life would look like on a day to day basis. I had an idea it would be hard, I’d be spending a lot of time alone, and that it was bound to be unpredictable. Being married is a feat in and of itself, being married to a farmer adds a whole other layer. 

There is no denying the fact that our relationship is an adventure. Just like farming, no two days are ever the same. It’s constantly changing, I’m constantly learning. I am finding out things about myself I didn’t know…. Like I CAN learn patience and I had no idea how strong I could be until I needed to be. There is NO denying that marrying a farmer changed my life in so many ways… Here’s 10 ways marrying a farmer WILL change your life..

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