So Why’d You Move to the Country?

Lot’s of urban folk dream of moving to the country…and some make those dreams reality.

But sometimes reality isn’t quite what those people expect it to be.

Newspaper Headline

Yes, this is a real newspaper headline.

Not that I’m not a transplant myself, but at least I knew what I was getting into when I said “I do” to Farmer D.


Of course, the same list can apply to at least a few cities I’ve visited, too.

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Hot Flashes: Seven-Word Sunday

12019445-cartoon women Hot Flashes

Aging is fine, but hot flashes SUCK.

Zumba Class: Seven-Word Sunday


Tried Zumba today.

Looked stupid. Had fun.

What? Not Working Outside Today?

Though Farmer D worked over this morning at his “real” job (you know, the kind where you actually get paychecks and everything), I was the only person that seemed to be moving before noon today.

My father-in-law actually stayed in his house,

the Amish crew constructing the new equipment building didn’t show up,

Building Construction

and the dogs didn’t spend the morning playing in the front yard.

Miss Annie

Why, you ask?


Because it was too bloody cold.

My Gift to You: A New Year Survival Kit

I sat down today knowing that I wanted to write a blog post, but having no clear idea of what I wanted to say…though that usually doesn’t stop me.  After browsing Pinterest, the 365 Project, and Twitter as ways to procrastinate, I found this gem in my email Inbox.

So I give you A New Year Survival Kit to help you out each day.





New Year Survival Kit

Your New Year Survival Kt contains:

  • A toothpick to remind you to pick the good qualities in everyone (including yourself).
  • A rubber band to remind you to be flexible. Things might not always go the way you want, but things can usually be worked out.
  • A Band-Aid to remind you to heal hurt feelings (either yours or someone else’s).
  • An eraser to remind you that everyone makes mistakes.
  • A candy kiss to remind you that everyone likes a hug or a sincere compliment.
  • A mint to remind you that you are worth a mint to someone (especially yourself).
  • A piece of bubble gum to remind you to stick with it and you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish.
  • A pencil to remind you to list your blessings every day.


  • A tea bag to remind you to take time to relax and read over that list of blessings.

Wishing you love, gratitude, health, friends, caring, sharing, laughter, music, and warm feelings in your heart every day of the year.


And special thanks to Ginny for sending this my way.

Walking in a Winter Wonderland: Seven-Word Sunday


Walked in winter wonderland–didn’t even fall.

(Thanks, L.)

I Can’t Honey, I Have Homework

I haven’t uttered those words in a very long time…since 2007 to be exact.

That’s the last time I gave large amounts of money to a university in order to do lots of work and eventually (after giving even more money) getting a piece of paper with my name on it.

(The first time was when many of you were in diapers.)

Don’t get me wrong. The problem is that I LOVE school. So much that I’ve been researching some options and trying to figure out how to work it into my crazy life.

But for now, I’ve discovered Coursera, where I (and you) can take college-level classes…FOR FREE!

Because I’m a bookworm and have loved the stuff since I was a kid, I’ve enrolled in a 10-week class on Greek and Roman Mythology.

Yeah, I just said a 10-week class.

And in order to pull this one off, I’m going to have to either prioritize better or give up a few things.

Here’s my list so far:

  • Mopping – actually this one’s too easy because I HATE to mop.
  • Ironing – another no-brainer, because I don’t iron unless I have to. (But if I did, I’d gladly give it up.)
  • Grooming – or perhaps not, because I am obsessive about hygiene. However, I could probably give up shaving my legs for 10 weeks.
  • Sex – uh, no.
  • Pinterest – I’d sooner give up sex. :-)
  • All those FB games that people keep inviting me to play – except Words with Friends (my Mom actually  calls me to tell me it’s my turn. )

What do you think?

How do you find extra time when you need it?