Resting: Random Photo Friday

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Miss Annie’s Very Bad Day

I think the only reason Annie is smiling here is because she's on really good pain pills.

( I think the only reason Annie is smiling here is because she’s on really good pain pills.

At 7:16 this morning my husband came into the bedroom to tell me that my stepson hit my Annie dog with his truck. It was an accident, of course. And more Rodeo the Wonder Dog’s fault than the 17 year-old’s.

Rodeo is an Australian Shepherd/Blue Heeler mix and takes it upon himself to herd everyone and everything that comes onto our property. And he’s taught Miss Annie to help.

So this morning, when they were herding/wrestling/playing, it seems Rodeo tackled Annie right in front of a moving vehicle going like 2 miles an hour…in the driveway.

(I’d like to tell you I was cool, calm, and collected as I went out to rescue my rescued dog, but I was a wreck on the inside.)

Though it may sound odd to non-pet people, Annie dog really does keep me sane–and I’d do just about anything for her. So today, that included picking her 46-lb. butt up and carrying her indoors, and then to the car, and then to the vet for x-rays on her swollen, dangling paw.

The vet gave Annie some pain pills and an anti-inflammatory and assured me that she was going to be okay.

As for my wallet after this unexpected adventure? It’s still in pain.

But my girl is worth it.

I Went Out to Rescue a Dog That Day

Miss Annie, three years ago

Miss Annie, April 2010

I went out to rescue a dog that day

I went out to rescue a dog that day
To give her a really good life
To take her away from the life that she led
And free him from trouble and strife

I thought I would do her a favour
And be a good person to her
And go do my bit for the country
I didn’t go out on a whim

But what do you think really did happen?
The day that I did my good deed,
I discovered a love that I’d dreamed of
And fulfilled in myself a strong need.

I now have a dog that I care for,
I see things that I needed to see.
That lovely dog that I rescued
Really ended up rescuing me.

-Author Unknown

It’s been three years since Annie was rescued by the angels at the Animal Welfare League. Though sometimes she’s a moody old goat (as am I), and she and Farmer D still have their disagreements, I can’t imagine my life without her.

Adopting Annie was the best thing I ever did.

Rescue Sticker

I mean right after marrying Farmer D, of course. :-)

What Did You Do Today?

While I met my mother for breakfast this morning, the guys were at the farm getting started on what will soon be the new equipment building.

Friday they dug the holes and put in the cement forms. And naturally, it rained all weekend.

My father-in-law is busy supervising.

My father-in-law is busy supervising.

Today they were working in a really big mud pie.

What was once part of a soybean field...

What was once part of a soybean field…

And after the cement trucks came through a few times, the farm drive wasn’t much better.

Not our actual drive, but you get the picture.

Not our actual drive, but you get the picture.

NOTE: One of the most important things to have out here is a good pair of gumboots. And a good place to get them.

One of the few places in which I don't mind shopping.

One of the few places in which I don’t mind shopping.

(I’d tell you about my love for Tractor Supply and how much it reminds me of the old hardware/feed store where my parents now live, but that’s could be a whole ‘nother blog post.)

Anyhow, after my trip to town and the return home…and doing the laundry, and starting supper, and cleaning the kitchen, and making peppermint bark, and sorting the mail…I headed over to the barn to see the cousins’ new pigs.

I'm pretty sure this is the one they named "Bacon."

I’m pretty sure this is the one they named “Bacon.”

And THAT was the high point of my day. :-)


So what helped you occupy YOUR time today?

Low-Key Cat: Random Photo Friday

Low-Key Cat

No New Cattle for Us

Just a quickie today because I’m supposed to be watching video lectures for the Greek and Roman Mythology course I’m taking at

After telling us for months that he was going to take 4-H steers to the fair again, A. changed his mind.

I’m sad about this because I’ve been totally in love with every batch that’s been through here, but there’s still hope because the younger cousins got their steers the other day and they’re living at the family farm. (The steers, not the cousins.)

Annie and I went over to check them out…

“Which way did he go, Mom?”

but dog got completely sidetracked by one of the cats that jumped from the top of the fence and ran into the barn.

Annie was so engrossed, she didn’t even notice when the cattle started to come outside to check her out.

“What is that funny-looking brown thing?”

Anyhow, there are five new steers at the farm and I’ve already been approved for unlimited visitation rights.

I just hope no one finds it odd when I’m out there singing to the cattle.

It’s been known to happen.



Fair Time

The county fair opened this morning, so this is probably the only post you’ll see from this farm wife this week.

DQ (aka #174) has settled in nicely. He gets to do nothing until Thursday but stand around and look handsome.

A cow’s-eye view of the fair

I’ve spent most of my time up at “our” end of the fair, where the air smells more like cow poop than caramel corn…and I’m fine with that.

A “corny” photo op

 However, the neighbors are a bit on the noisy side.

The goats next door

But I did get to see my first Ground Pounders tractor pull.

These guys take their play seriously

Since I don’t have to go to work tomorrow, I hope to see more of the fair…and maybe even seek out the perfect sausage sandwich.

Right now, I’m ready for a hot shower and a snuggle with Annie Dog.

To all of my U.S. friends…have a safe and happy 4th of July.