You Might Be Married to a Farmer…

If hubby says he’s stopping home to put air in the tire and you soon see this in the driveway…



you might be married to a farmer!

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10 Tips for Farm Safety


Since it’s Farm Safety Week, here are 10 tips to help prevent accidents on the farm:

  1. Always stay alert and be aware of your surroundings. (Even when it’s 3 a.m. and you’ve run out of coffee and have been running the combine for hours.)
  2. Don’t take on tasks that are physically and/or mentally inappropriate. (If this seems like an odd one, ask any older farmer about some of the jobs they were assigned as youngsters.)
  3. Include hazard and safety lessons when training others. (Which means don’t just tell me to hit the red button when “x” happens, explain to me why and what the consequences are if I don’t.)
  4. No seat, no rider. NO EXCEPTIONS. (Though I’ve heard a few tales from the past of baby seats in the tractor cab.)
  5. Use hydraulic equipment cautiously and control operations from the tractor seat only. (There’s no place for “Hey y’all, watch this!” in farming.)
  6. Never attempt to unplug equipment while power is engaged. (Pretty good advice for everyone.)
  7. Use safety identification markers, turn signals, flashing lights, and/or escort vehicles when driving farm equipment on public roads. (And for motorists, please be patient when you’re behind farm equipment instead of putting us/yourself in danger.)
  8. Carry a fire extinguisher on every piece of powered equipment. (And know how to use it.)
  9. If there are kids around, make sure they’re safe and keep them away from running machinery. (But see #2 and ask Farmer D about some of the stuff he had to do when he was a little guy.)
  10. Enforce basic safety rules for others…and FOLLOW THEM YOURSELF! 

List based on info from

Shall I have Farmer D weigh in on his top 10 list? (Or the tips he may need to work on?)

Fence Line: Random Photo Friday

Fence Line

Got Wood?

Farmer D and Dad went to get “some” firewood today.

This is what they came home with:

Future Firewood

I guess this is his way of saying it’s chainsaw time again.


p.s. If you  want to do something really nice for me…send Advil.

p.p.s. And lots of it.


No Trespassing: Random Photo Friday

No Trespassing

Road Trip: Cleveland’s Lakeview Cemetery

Farmer D thought I was weird when he found out I went to Cleveland’s Lakeview Cemetery for entertainment purposes…but then I showed him the pictures.

From "Millionaire's Row"

Just a little spot on “Millionaire’s Row”

Lakeview Cemetery is billed as “Cleveland’s Outdoor Museum” for a good reason – you cannot believe the history and beauty contained within its 285 acres.

She was so beautiful...

One of my favorites

According to the brochure the wonderful ladies in the office gave me, Lakeview Cemetery is the final resting place for people from all walks of life, but contains a number of famous people including President James A. Garfield, John D. Rockefeller, Eliot Ness, Carl B.  Stokes, members of President Abraham Lincoln’s cabinet, Civil War generals and Revolutionary War soldiers…and 22 Cleveland mayors.

The James A. Garfield Monument

The James A. Garfield Monument

Though January is the wrong time to admire the trees and gardens, the architecture is simply stunning.

Just look at the colors.

More amazing architecture

I spent over two hours wandering around, but could have spent at least two more. Guess that means I’ll have to make another trip in the Spring – I’m told the daffodil hill is worth the trip (there are more than 100,000 flowers!). AND I totally missed seeing the Tiffany-designed interior in the Wade Chapel.

As for Farmer D…maybe he was a bit jealous because was at the farm working (in the cold) on the new equipment building…

How my farmers are keeping busy in the off season.

What  my farmers are working on in the off-season.

AND I got to go to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory.

I'll take one slice of each, please.

I’ll take one slice of each, please.


Winter on the Farm: Random Photo Friday

Snowy Field

Road Trip to Toledo

When Farmer D and Cousin B asked me if I was available today and mumbled something about picking up a bed, I knew it was time to start worrying. No, not about any funny stuff – but that they didn’t give me the details until AFTER I said, “yes.”

The down side: Turns out the bed is on a farm truck…and the place that did the installation was THREE HOURS from home.

The up side: The truck was just outside of Toledo…and they only needed me one way.

So, what’s a former-city-girl-turned-farmer’s-wife to do when faced with a situation like this? Take a ROAD TRIP.

The kind of roads on which I'm used to travelling

The kind of roads on which I’m used to travelling

I told the guys I’d take them to Tony Packo’s for lunch, but after that, they were on their own.

They drove straight back home.

Not my idea of a new bed, but it'll do.Not my idea of a new bed, but it’ll do.

 I spent a good three hours at the Toledo Museum of Art and the Glass Pavilion.

Though most of the time I love living away from the hustle and bustle of the city, sometimes it’s good to head right into the traffic.

As long as Farmer D isn’t driving. :-)

What Did You Do Today?

While I met my mother for breakfast this morning, the guys were at the farm getting started on what will soon be the new equipment building.

Friday they dug the holes and put in the cement forms. And naturally, it rained all weekend.

My father-in-law is busy supervising.

My father-in-law is busy supervising.

Today they were working in a really big mud pie.

What was once part of a soybean field...

What was once part of a soybean field…

And after the cement trucks came through a few times, the farm drive wasn’t much better.

Not our actual drive, but you get the picture.

Not our actual drive, but you get the picture.

NOTE: One of the most important things to have out here is a good pair of gumboots. And a good place to get them.

One of the few places in which I don't mind shopping.

One of the few places in which I don’t mind shopping.

(I’d tell you about my love for Tractor Supply and how much it reminds me of the old hardware/feed store where my parents now live, but that’s could be a whole ‘nother blog post.)

Anyhow, after my trip to town and the return home…and doing the laundry, and starting supper, and cleaning the kitchen, and making peppermint bark, and sorting the mail…I headed over to the barn to see the cousins’ new pigs.

I'm pretty sure this is the one they named "Bacon."

I’m pretty sure this is the one they named “Bacon.”

And THAT was the high point of my day. :-)


So what helped you occupy YOUR time today?

No New Cattle for Us

Just a quickie today because I’m supposed to be watching video lectures for the Greek and Roman Mythology course I’m taking at

After telling us for months that he was going to take 4-H steers to the fair again, A. changed his mind.

I’m sad about this because I’ve been totally in love with every batch that’s been through here, but there’s still hope because the younger cousins got their steers the other day and they’re living at the family farm. (The steers, not the cousins.)

Annie and I went over to check them out…

“Which way did he go, Mom?”

but dog got completely sidetracked by one of the cats that jumped from the top of the fence and ran into the barn.

Annie was so engrossed, she didn’t even notice when the cattle started to come outside to check her out.

“What is that funny-looking brown thing?”

Anyhow, there are five new steers at the farm and I’ve already been approved for unlimited visitation rights.

I just hope no one finds it odd when I’m out there singing to the cattle.

It’s been known to happen.