The Steers Say, “Moo.”

Actually, they don’t say much of anything, which according to Farmer D is a good thing, unless you’re in the barn around supper time…then you’re serenaded by a bunch of lovely guys with beautiful baritone voices.

The boys in the barn.

Is that too weird for you?

It’s a little weird to me, and I’m the one that just wrote it.

DQ wishes I was carrying the curry comb instead of the camera.

Anyhow, the cattle are doing fine. The oldest of the bunch will be one year old in February; the youngest is a little over six months old.

Since the weather is cold and endlessly wet here, I’ve been spending a lot of time reading about raising beef and about the processing process.

In the food world, the grass-fed vs. grain-fed thing—and which one is best—is a huge (non) issue. Many proclaim that grass-fed beef is the only way to go…but read what Jeff Fowle, a California beef farmer and agvocate, has to say about Grass vs. Grain.

For the record, Farmer D subscribes to the “grass-fed, grain-finished” school of thought.

Milton showing off his good side.

As for the processing part (though I have no desire to do it myself), I’m fascinated with Megan Brown’s article, Brown Ranch: From Pasture to Plate. Ms. Brown is a 6th generation cattle rancher, and a strong voice in the agvocate world, who loves to share what goes on in her family business.

T couldn't be bothered to come over and visit.

If you want to learn more about your favorite meat, and how it gets from the farm to your table, read everything you can from Jennifer Dewey at Chico Locker & Sausage Company, Inc., and follow @KYFarmersMatter (on Twitter.) You’ll find amazing ladies in both places that really know their stuff.

(And by now, you’ve probably noticed that I love to read and love to research.)

I’m sure I’m missing more great info out there, but it’s time to go outside and check on the boys in the barn.

Baby's my fave he loves to snuggle (and there's nothing more attractive on a woman than cow snot in your hair).

What other beef-related  sites do you think I should check out?

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