It Sure Helps If You’re Handy

As I was reading this article about the many advantages of doing things yourself, I had to chuckle and wonder how our lives would play out if Farmer D wasn’t as amazing and resourceful as he is when it comes to keeping things working around the house and the farm.

I’m not a total idiot when it comes to minor repairs, but my darling husband seems to know how to do just about EVERYTHING.

Do you wonder how he got that way?

"Did you try fixing it with 'duck' tape?"

He does have more than a bit of mechanical aptitude, but the main reason that Farmer D has learned to fix so many things is because, as any farmer will tell you, things tend to BREAK on a regular basis, generally at the MOST INOPPORTUNE TIMES.

I have no idea what this is, but I do know that it's broken.

Even if you’re in the house, making your own repairs is sometimes a great idea because:

1. You’ll save money.

2. You might learn something new.

3. You might invent something new.

(If you’re wondering, #3 is for our 16-year-old. The kid is always modifying or designing something that’s supposed to make life better.)

4. You sometimes get the chance for lots of scenic drives while running for parts and rented equipment on a Saturday afternoon.

(Okay, so maybe that one isn’t exactly something for which to look forward. )

5. You get a real sense of satisfaction from knowing you tackled (and managed) it yourself.

Don’t get me wrong – there ARE times when the smartest thing you can do is call a repairman, but it doesn’t pay to call them for every little thing.

Today’s Bonus: Want to see some of the ingenious inventions rural and farm folk have made? Check out Farm Show Magazine.

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