This Week’s Been All About Family

So here it is Tuesday already, and I haven’t written so much as a word. But it’s not your fault–I’ve been quite busy with all sorts of family “quality time.”

Last week was my nephew’s very first band concert.

The kid made it through all of their pieces without hitting the girl in front of him in the head with his slide. I'm so proud!

And stepdaughter #4’s baby shower.

The mother-to-be of our first grandchild.

And hubby convinced me to make Sunday dinner (luckily part of the family couldn’t make it and I only had to cook for a dozen or so).

Not the actual carrot cake that I made for if there'd be any left!

And finally, I managed a trip back to the Rockefeller Park Greenhouse with my folks yesterday.

Like two little kids, mom and dad kept calling me from ahead saying, "Come check this out!"

So here I am today, with piles of dirty laundry, semi-empty cupboards, and some really tired feet, but it’s okay.

Sometimes it’s more important to take the time to hang out with your family…

and your dog.

Remember me, Mom?

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Taking in Some Holiday Color: Rockefeller Park Greenhouse

Mom and I went on an adventure yesterday to Cleveland’s Rockefeller Park Greenhouse.

Built in 1905, the Rockefeller Park Greenhouse is open year-round, including holidays, and not only supplies the City of Cleveland with the plants for its citywide landscaping needs, the greenhouse serves the public as a free facility dedicated to educating, fostering and supporting gardening.

And visiting the Rockefeller Park Greenhouse is FREE.

“The Greenhouse is truly one of Cleveland’s treasures,” said a local lady we talked with…after looking at the one acre of indoor flowers, Mom I had to agree.


I took so many photos I can’t decide which to use for my 365 Project.

Which do you like best?

Get directions to the Rockefeller Park Greenhouse.